Shana is here: DC Diary

I’m so happy that Shana is here, because of her today was the first day I had proper seat down breakfast before work. Felt quite good I must say, the…

Getting used to the routine

Best weekend ever: Touristing and being local

Every morning feels like a new beginning: DC &#…

Charming DC 😍🍁

I could downplay this and tell you how normal this is for me. But nah! I’m really feeling myself, I know I’m in America and I’m loving it. My dream…

Falling in love with DC all over again

I’m in DC and its Christmas Time

Vem (se tocar) Comigo?

It’s comfort season!

I feel like my style is evolving; more often than not i see myself reaching to my simplest, comfortable, and easy to wear garments. Whether it be in my clothes…


Saturday Garden Lunch

Essa mulher tem força