My Top 3 Infused Water Flavors

I have never been good with keeping up with my needed daily water intake. Recently I learned about fruit (or vegetables) infused waters. Which simply is adding slices or pieces of one or a combination of fresh fruits to a glass or jar of water. Apart from helping me to increase my water intake, they smell and taste amazingly good and refreshing, help detox my body and boost my metabolism. It’s also an easy way to impress guests with a very inexpensive and healthy drink!❤️

Today I’m sharing my top 3 favorite flavors:

1. Cucumber: This is by far my favorite; it tastes amazing and its good for added hydration, to flux out toxins, and it’s filled with good skin and hair friendly minerals including magnesium potassium and silicon.

2. Pineapple: This is my second favorite, apart from being a good aid to my digestive system. Pineapples are filled with vitamin C promoting healthy a body and skin.

3. Strawberry: This is probably everyone’s favorite. They taste and smell really good and are packed with antioxidants to boost your immune system.

I always like to add a few mint leaves and ice for added freshness.

How to make: pick your favorite fruit or a combination of them, slice or cut the fruits into pieces into a glass or jar. Then add water and ice to your preference. Lastly just drink and enjoy.

Tip: You can refill the water to the fruit jar or glass until the flavor runs out, and eat the fruit pieces as well.

I hope you enjoyed my top three flavors. Don’t forget to let me know how you increase your water intake, and your favorite infused water recipes you think I should try in the comments section below.



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