Wedding Look: The Red Dress

My loves, one of the things I love the most in life are weddings! In fact everything that involves a celebration of love and the willingness of two people to dedicate their life’s to each other through God is just so emotional to me.

This spring I was invited to friend’s wedding in Maputo. And being a guest, one of my favorite parts is getting ready to witness such a beautiful cerimony. I chose a red lace and beaded long mermaid dress with a bit of transparency. I had already worn the dress a year ago for another wedding. But this decided to be a bit daring and do some tailoring to the dress. I followed the slit trend which I’m in love with. Took it to the tailor to get the slit and boom a complete new dress!

I paired the dress with a red sandal and all silver and diamond stud jewelry ❤️️💍

Dress: Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg Fotos by my loves: Dad, Shana and Sheu Location: Sienna Polana Hotel, Maputo

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