All about my pre-30 Birthday hosted by Epiphany Creations

January is almost over, but I still have the taste-buds from my lovely and amazing pre-30 birthday. I was so happy that my birthday fell on a Sunday, so I could go to church before all the festivities and do my thanksgiving to God for the gift of life.

I decided to have a very intimate birthday lunch with my family and girlfriends. My Sister, Shana (@epiphanycreations) opened her home for me and my guests and made all the decor for my Garden Lunch themed birthday. I just had to pick the colors (which was Blush and Dusty Pink and Gold), for her to make her magic as always. Shana really captured the concept of “Garden Lunch” with my chosen colors adding sweet notes with the roses and the million stars; the fruit, the gold cutlery; the white, gold an confetti balloons; and the hints of baby and turquoise blue in the water bottles holding the roses and balloons on the table. Everything about this decor was so perfect and I think it really captured my essence in every level. The sight of the decor looked so beautiful, so detailed yet so fresh; you may think it didn’t take a lot of work, but believe me these things take so much effort even my uncle Pedrito and Mano Naldo helped make sure the tables were straight and stable. Hahaha.  Shana you simply rock!

My gorgeous and delicious Naked Cake was made by my dearest Nena (@nenas_cakes_helena). I picked the cake and it came more that what I had imagined, it was just too beautiful it hurt cutting it. Hahaha. The flavor was Granadilla with fresh cream and fruit filling.

We kept the menu simple; everyone at the house, did a bit of the food. My aunty Duda made the Feijoada and the beef stew; my helper made the rice; we ordered the chicken and chips and the salad; aunty Mira brought the meat and my sister’s helper braaied it; and I just made the potato salad. Junior and Vanessa did the running around picking up the cake and the food we ordered, while Gwyneth and the girls helped Shana in the decor. The uncles brought the drinks. And Kayane and Kaelan cheered. Hahaha. Yeah that’s what you call team work! 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

I wore a lovely blush pink dress which i had actually worn  for my aunt’s 50th+1 birthday party, but this time I got to be barefoot which I love!!! Maybe i can do a post just of the dress because the pictures are way too many. Hahaha

Shana had the idea that all the girls wore flower crowns, and I bought into the idea right away. I got these beautiful gold an silver (just because they did not have more gold ones) flower crowns for all the girls. Everyone really loved the idea, even the guys, Hahaha.

I received so many gifts! But nothing really beat the presence of my loved ones, and the love I received from everyone who came and those who could not be there.

Feeling so blessed, wishing my year is as beautiful as this day.

Most of the pictures were taken by Leonard, and a few by my friends and family. 

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Bisou Bisou 😘


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