New York, New York Diary: I wasn’t ready

This morning I woke up at Vanda’s house in DC. Hehehe. We are going to New York later and I think she’s really tired of me asking her what time we leaving to NY — that’s coz I can’t containt my excitement. Hehehe. I already knew it was going to be tremendous, but trust me I wasn’t ready for it!

Anyways we left the house at 11h00 got our bus to NY at 14h00 and arrived in NY at 18:30.  Our stop was right in front of Madison Square. Stepping out of the bus gave me all kinds of goosebumps, in one second of looking around I felt like I was in a movie scene, police sirens that didn’t stop for a second, every second car hotting for no apparent reason, the yellow cabs and more yellow cabs everywhere, congested roads, beautiful strangers bumping each other in the passage way. I look up the building and it seems like they merged with the sky, tv screens and lights beaming everywere. Everything I saw and heared just gave me the most pleasant flashbacks, as if I was here before, I was jawdropped for real!

Don’t be deceived, NY is just like many big cities with lots of peoples. Rubbish bins so full the litter starts pulling up on the street corners, beggers in the road; but it had the most incredible energy. An energy I had never felt before anywhere. It was so surreal, I knew I was there, I felt I was there, and I knew I was blessed to be there at that moment. It was freezing cold but I didn’t fell a thing, I just wanted to keep my eyes everywhere.

In the few hours I was here, I went to time square and to a few shops with Vanda, we had the best tomato pizza I’ve ever had, we met NYPD police and we took so many pictures, hahaha it was so fun! Then I went to Empire State Building by my self before heading back to DC.

The Empire State Building was a real expirience – truly out of this world! What you feel when you are up there is just undeniably incredibly amazing. It’s like the angels are singing for you and it’s just you and the world – no one else! You just know you made it, and you will be doing so much more from that moment! The lights, the energy, the sirens, the SKY so close to you! You know the universe is rooting for you!

Past mid night some shops still open, food trucks in the streets in full swing, and lots of people still in the streets – yeah that’s NY!

I was most grateful that Vanda took her time for us to leave DC and only arrived in NY at night when all the lights were on! I knew they were welcoming me! Hahah

Pleople in NY are different (from those in DC), they seem friendlier and happy – as if they looking forward to a brand new something, a surprise, a sorte of hope that ignites them. I liked that!

1am in the bus back to DC, my heart is full, I am so grateful I got to experience NY by night. Indeed this was definitely the best I ever had! This trip is done for me! I can go home now.

Blessed! See you very soon NY!

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