Charming DC 😍🍁

I could downplay this and tell you how normal this is for me. But nah! I’m really feeling myself, I know I’m in America and I’m loving it. My dream come true.

I haven’t gotten used to the time difference though, jet lag is really something. Monday was a drag for me, it was raining, I didn’t even take a single picture except for a selfie for my family group. But today I came full force. Hahaha. I’m wearing a yellow suit from Superbalist with my teddy coat. I love wearing colour in winter season. Feeling so 80s in this shade of yellow with these bootleg pants. By the way; bootlegs are perfect for elongating your legs and giving you a slimmer look.

Now look at America; how charming is DC? It’s just like in the movies. I can’t believe I get to experience this. When I am outside I just want to look everywhere all the time and at the same time. Hahaha. I want to take all the pictures I can and treasure them forever. Feeling blessed and grateful. Feeling like a movie star, I think DC and I are just suited for each other!



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  1. Aulina Leandra
    November 28, 2018 / 11:17 am

    Tao bonita minha Diretora do …..Tenho tanto orgulho de ti força continue a brilhar

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