Hello March!

Tão pouco tempo e já tanta coisa aconteceu. Um anjo foi cuidar de nós de lá de cima; foi-se deixou dor, mas de repente uma calmaria e muita luz. Uma…

Inside my birthday celebration hosted by Epiphany Creations

A Fierce and Fearless Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear NYC

New York, New York

The last few days in DC with Shana here have been so packed. I can’t believe how much two girls can do in a day and still want more. Anyways…

Shana is here: DC Diary

Getting used to the routine

Best weekend ever: Touristing and being local

Every morning feels like a new beginning: DC &#…

I think I’ve been here way to long already. Yesterday I missed home so much, but for the first time I slept very well and only woke up when my…

Charming DC 😍🍁

Falling in love with DC all over again

I’m in DC and its Christmas Time