Every morning feels like a new beginning: DC ❤️

I think I’ve been here way to long already. Yesterday I missed home so much, but for the first time I slept very well and only woke up when my alarm went off. Might be because I forced myself to sleep late, I went out for dinner with my friend and his friends in a Mexican restaurant – the Lauriol Plaza. I had a burrito grande; which is a huge tortilha filled with meat, beans and rice. I couldn’t finish so I asked for a take away and that’s what I’m having for dinner tonight.

Even though I miss home, every morning here is just so exciting for me. Hahaha, it literally feels like a fresh new beginning. I love it! Getting dressed, having tea, walking to work, taking some pictures on our way! Loving this so much!

Today as I wore this checkered suit which I love. Felt so matchy matchy like a clerk. Hahahah.

Now I just finished eating, seating on the couch writing this and watching the news, I think I will pass out anytime now. I hope I sleep till tomorrow.




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